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About Creation

Creation Plastic Manufactory Limited was established in 1995. Our company specialized in manufacturing Cellulose Acetate sheets. We have set up our own factories based in Dongguan City, China. We have large numbers of machinery to meet large quantity order of Acetate Sheets from clients all over the world. We developed New & Trendy Cellulose Acetate Sheets, particularly our hand-crafted patterned acetate sheets are well accepted by global brands and labels for all these years. Clients are welcome to provide unique customize patterns and logo, to be applied on cellulose acetate sheets for their own exclusive designed optical frames/sunglasses. We also produce raw material for manufacturing our cellulose acetate sheets. Creation Plastic Manufactory Limited are known with reliable and high quality service to local and overseas customers. This is our main goal. We are expecting to explore new markets and new opportunity with all clients on Cellulose Acetate sheets field.







聯絡我們 Contact Us

香港公司 – 創新塑膠廠有限公司
Hong Kong office: Creation Plastic Mfy Ltd

地址: 香港新界荃灣荃景圍30-38號利工業中心15樓B室
Address: Flat B, 15/F, Waylee Ind. Centre, 30-38 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

電話: (852) 2611 9359
傳真: (852) 2370 0235

內地廠 – 東莞冠狄塑膠有限公司
Factory: Dongguan Guandi Factory Co. Ltd

地址: 廣東省東莞市茶山鎮茶山偉健工業園園中一路13號
Address: No.13, Mid 1st Yuan Zhong Road, Cha Shan Wei Jian Ind. Area, Cha Shan Town, DongGuan, GuangDong Province, China

電話: +86 (769) 2229 3903
傳真: +86 (769) 2226 5046